The Beginning – Candle and Soap

The beginning of our Candle and Soap story. 

bahamas candle and soap

Its amazing how we all get our start in certain things. How is it that something that you didn’t initially want to do can turn into something you think of daily.

Is it a new hobby or just a new challenge? 

Getting started in Candle and Soap making is something we never really had on our minds.

However after about a year of seeing a soap making class being offered and wanting to upgrade my skills and improve my self.

I finally got the chance to take on this class, but there was a problem. The class was being offered on my wife’s birthday.

This became problematic as It was something I wanted to do but nothing she had ever given any thought to.

So I devised a plan. Lets make it a part of her birthday outing. Learn something new. I eventually convinced her…reluctantly to take the class with me. I though it was for me but the joke was on me.

Learning how to make candle and soap products seemed far more interesting to my wife than I thought and she fully engrossed herself into the techniques. 

We know that there are other persons in the Bahamas who make candles and soaps but we didn’t care we wanted to do it for ourselves.

We made our first Bahamian candle and our first Bahamian soap. Not that candle and soap can take on a nationality but that’s how excited we both were.

Since using our products however we found many benefits to natural organic soaps and Soy candles that we thought was best to share with as many people as possible.

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