Candle Wick Holders

Wick holders

wick holders are a simple tool that some beginner candle makers often over look. It is a simple tool but one that is very much needed.

Wick holders are used when using string wicks in container candles. Although the cotton string is used in pillar candles a wick holder is not used for pillar candles primarily.

There are a few types of wick holders on the market and some DIY holders that you can make out of house hold items. Let’s take a look.

Metal wick holder

The traditional metal wick holder is the type of wick holder that most beginner candle makers gravitate to. These are often used by big names on YouTube when making their candles and can be perceived as the best holders o have.

These wick holders are a thin metal strip with a hole in the center that keeps the wick straight and centered in the container while the melted wax hardens.

We have used these in the past and they last a really long time. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to use.

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Popsicle stick

A lower cost to the metal wick holder are the Popsicle stick.

The same popsicle stick that is used to make cold popsicles can be used to hold your wick in place. Many stay at home moms may already have a few of these lying around that can be uses.

The other option is to purchase your sticks to be used. One caveat to using the popsicle stick is that you have to bore a hole into the center of the stick. This is where the wick will be placed to hold it in place.

There are other sticks on the market with the hole already made in the center of the stick making their use easier.

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Wooden Candle Wick Holders,Candle Wicks Centering Device

Clothing pin

The clothing pin has long become the easy go to item for holding container candle wicks steady. When you look at a clothing pin it has two sets of eyes or holes that can be used to center and keep the wick straight.

The hole in the woden golding part of the pin can be used or the mettal round could can be used. Either works just fine

This is often the most economical option available as most persons already have pins at home.

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