Recommended Tools

We have spent some time testing our supplies to ensure that we offer you the best ingredients for your candle and soap projects. During these years of testing we realized that we went through some good and not so good tools when it came to our test.

The good news is this page is dedicated to listing some of the good tools we came across and still use today. The even better news is that we now make it easier for you to save time and money by helping you with great information and reviews of the tools and products we have used.

Below are a list of categories of various products that we know you will like to have in your corner. Take a look and save the time, headache and frustration of learning the hard way.

After all, no sense in reinventing the wheel or in this case reliving the years of trial and error.

Soap Molds

Mixing Bowls



Immersion Blenders


Safety Equipment

Pouring Pots

Wick Holders

Miscellaneous Tools