Soap and Candle Making Scales

Soap and Candle making scales

Scales are absolutely necessary when it comes to soap and candle making. Everything is weighted and measured to ensure you have enough to fill your mold

There are three types of scales often used in soap making and we will discuss the differences of each and which you should consider based on your level in making candle and soaps.

Depending on where you live in the world you are either using the metric system, the British imperial system or the United States customary system. In any event we will discuss the Imperial system as the Bahamas was once a British colony.

Your scale should give a read out of either measuring system so as you can be comfortable and not have to convert each time. The key here however as you upgrade your scale is to have on in your possession that can give you at least two decimal points to the right ie. 0.25

Beginner and Intermediate scale

I know how it was for us when we started making candles and soap. Everything was on a budget.

Having a tight budget doesnt mean you are out of luck it just means you have to be a bit resoursful. We searched through our local stores and online to find a low cost scale that we can get started with.

Ok yeah I get it, scales are not that expensive so what’s the issue? Well we were on a really tight budget. We found a well reviewed scale and bought it. It did its job for good while which is why we placed it here as a recommended product.

The only hiccup with this scale is you have to ensure it is on a flat and level surface otherwise it does not read the weight accurately.

Heavy duty scale – steel

There will come a time when you realize that the smaller scale is just not large enough to measure out heavier weights. This is when you will want to upgrade your scale to a larger heavy duty scale.

When searching for a heavy duty scale we had a better sense of what was needed during candle and soap making. There are times that products will spill and you will want something that can take a beating.

The stainless steel heavy duty scales are your best bet. They can handle up to 9 pound’s of weight but as low as an ounce.

Other forms of measurements

Although a scale is the best way to measure most of your candle and soap ingredients there are other methods of measurements you will need especially for your additives and just because its easier to use other items.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups become very useful throughout the years of candle and soap making. They can be used to measure of course but can be used to contain heated substances.

We talked a bit about our recommended measuring cups that are heat tempered in our soap recommended products.

These cups are heat tempered and able to withstand the heat of melted wax and other ingredients without breaking and causing bodily harm.

These are indispensable and they will be come an excellent addition to your tools.

Measuring spoons

The small measuring spoons are unbelievably useful. There have been many times when I needed to measure out 1/2 oz up to a table spoon of one ingredient or the other. This is where these measuring spoons come in very handy.

In soap making they can be used to measure out the right amount of colorant to be used in the soap you are about to make and are very precise

In candle making it can also be used to add a bit of fragrance or even remove extra wax from a pouring pitcher without throwing your expected weight off.

Keep these handy as they will become a normal tool in your soap and candle making.