6 Reasons you should switch to Handmade soaps

Ok I’m going to keep this simple. There are many many reasons you should actually throw away your cheap commercial soap and switch over to handmade soaps but I will list just 6. If you haven’t read what commercial soap is or how its made you should take a look at those articles .

What is Commercial Soap – How is Commercial Soap made.

Here is the long and short of it. The 6 reasons why you should ditch your soap and switch to using handmade natural soaps

  1. Reduce Skin Issues
  2. Heals Damaged Skin
  3. Has Anti-aging Properties
  4. Regulates your skin
  5. Lowers your risk of skin diseases
  6. Viral and Bacterial

Ok that is a whole lot to swallow not to mention that most of the soaps can do the same things so what is so awesome about handmade soaps? All great questions so lets take each reason and dive into them a little bit more.

1- Reduce Skin Issues

Skin Issues, believe it or not we all have some sort of skin issue. Some are just more severe and more prevalent than others. Sometimes we live with a skin issue so long we begin to believe that its normal. As I found out since I’ve switched to handmade soaps only, its not normal. All my life I’ve had acne, not just mild acne I mean big yellow pustules, white and black heads. Not to mention I’ve always hand back acne… the worse kind.  Acne is just one type of skin issue, and by using handmade soaps with natural oils I found that my skin type which is combination started to find its balance. Other persons who switched to handmade soaps found that their skin began to find its balance. Oily, dry, sensitive or combination they all balanced out. When you skin balances out you find that the skin issues you used to have tends to dissipate.

2- Heals Damaged Skin

Ive seen some damages skin in my life time. As I mentioned ive had acne problems from a child so some parts of my skin have scars and broken or uneven skin tones and texture. This can really mess with your self esteem. However after switching to handmade soaps within the first month of using them I noticed how quickly spots began to fade away. Then those rough patches some how blended in with the rest of my skin. My back acne stared to break out less and less and now I get those occasional break outs when I eat candy. Hey I’m not perfect. Anyway the damages skin that I once had began to heal itself. My skin became more elastic and those thin laugh lines and wrinkles somehow started to fill in.

3 – Anti Aging Properties

Like I mentioned above, my laugh lines began to fade slowly away and lord knows I love to laugh so I doubt they will ever fully disappear. The flexibility of my skin the smoothness and pliability of my skin started to change. It wasn’t itchy and rough feeling as it used to be and something else started to change. You know that radiant glow children tend to have? Well I didn’t get that type of glow but I got a healthy type of glow that made me look just a little bit younger. So much so that persons began to ask what facial mask I was using. LOL isn’t that funny.

4 -Skin Regulation

Skin regulation? whats that? Its just as it states. When you switch to natural soaps, the ingredients in the soaps help remove all they years of chemicals that was built up in your pores. It help stimulate the hair follicles and other parts of the skin. When this happens it some how works around the irregularities of your skin to help balance your skin. So oily skin becomes not so oily any more, dry skin produces the right amount of oil to keep the skin soft and pliable. Combination skin is the most difficult as a person can have oily and dry skin all mixed up together however this doesn’t matter as your body has the chance to now repair the dry and the oily parts to make sure your skin balances out. Sensitive which has its own implications tends to not be so sensitive anymore.  Ive had stories from persons with sever cases of sensitive skin, where there was nothing they used that would not irritate their skin. One such case used the Mr Grey soap as a sample and they came back with such high praise that they bought an entire loaf of Mr Grey Soap. No matter what type of skin you have switching to handmade natural soaps pretty much gives your body the time it needs to actually regulate the skin. Which leads to the question… Was you commercial soap causing your skin issues?

5 – Reduce Skin Diseases

If bacteria cant survive on your skin then you reduce the likely hood of you contracting some sort of skin disease. Many skin issues started by exposure to some sort of bacteria that could have been easily killed by a simply hand wash.  Getting rid of any external non personals chemicals or anything that may penetrate the epidermis of the skin is a big step in avoiding skin diseases. Granted that some diseases are a result of what you ingest in into your body but you have to admit that the largest organ of the human body is on the outside of the body. Its exposed to many different chemicals, liquids and harsh environments each and every day.  A good wash from hand washing to a full shower or bath gets rid of a majority of these exposures and helps repair the skin to a balanced level.

6 – Destroys viruses and Bacteria

There is a constant debate on the usage of soap. The thing is that there are all types of bacteria on your skin normally. Some are good and some are bad, unfortunately soap doesn’t care which is which hence it kills and cleans all of them. This is where the debate begins. Good bacteria keep the skin healthy by eating certain parts of the skin and other bacteria ensuring a healthy surface level skin. While these guys are good bad bacteria can be hyperactive and eat much more of your skin causing itching and even infections.

The average person skin is actually acidic. This is not a bad thing as this acidic environment makes it hard for certain bacteria even viruses to survive. Handmade soap has a high ph balance which means anything acid, such as your good bacteria is washed away or killed.


Soap keeps you clean, but at the same time you want to know what you are putting on your skin and what it can do to your skin and your body. Commercial soaps go through a chemical process of replacing all the good stuff in natural handmade soaps, which makes them a bit suspect when it comes to cleaning and causing no harm. Handmade soaps go through a traditionally long process that produces a cleaning agent that is non harmful to your skin, balances your glands and keeps you healthy. These were just 6 of far more reasons to make the switch as soon as possible.

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