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I had heard about the waters of this magical place from many persons foreign and local. You must go to Exuma to take pictures they say, its the clearest waters you will ever see. I’ve heard over exaggeration many times before so I took their stories with a literal grain of salt.

I was soon able to take a trip to the Exumas for a bit of work. It was a one day trip but I will be moving about alot. The it was a part of a tour that took persons to the swimming pigs of the exumas, feed the native iguanas and play with sharks.

This was to be a fun experience for me. We took off on a private charter plane and withing a few minutes of leaving the island of New Providence I could see the beauty of the Bahama Bank. The sand bars created a majestic transition between the blues of the sky and ocean.

exuma soap

Once in Staniel Cay we transferred to a boat to travel to our first stop. The island of the Swimming Pigs. Yes the pigs were supposed to be the main attraction but we were all mesmerized by the crystal clear blue water. In fact calling the water blue is totally incorrect. Its some shade between Turquoise and that Crystal clear color of a pool with a light blue painted bottom. It truly was something to behold.  So I guess the rumors were correct, It is a place to put on you to do list.

After the trip to the islands I decided to pay homage to the beautiful seas of the Exuma. Its a strange thing to be under the same sky but such a place can be so different than others. Ive traveled to a few islands in the Bahamas and they all have their uniqueness when it comes to beaches. So far Exuma has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the actual sea.

After some thought I came up with a concept to make a soap with gradual differences in color. This was intentional to represent the changes in color of the waters. It was a hard try, mistakes were made and I almost gave up.  After a few tries to develop the look I wanted i was finally able to make a gradual blue color that was distinguishable from each other.

Exuma was born. Its all handmade with Olive, Coconut, Castor and a bit of Almond oil. The Fragrance is very reminiscent of the fresh air of the islands of the Bahamas.  We took this soap and decided to make it the first in a line of Bahamian Inspired soaps.

Exuma handmade Soap. Inspired by the beautiful waters of the Exuma Cays.

Bahamas Soap Maker

Rashad has been making soaps since the inception of Bahamas Candle and Soap in 2008. Since this time he has taught a number of students how make homemade soap using the melt and pour process or the cold process of soap making. His preference is cold process soap making because of the versatility you have in designing not only the ingredients but the aesthetics of the soap. Soap making became more than a hobby for Rashad and he loves trying new techniques and teaching others how they too can make their own soap at home.

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