Palm wax vs Soy wax which makes a better candle?

Both palm wax and soy wax have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to candles. These differences range from their positive features to their negative impacts on the the environment. They both have their strengths and weaknesses as well, however, in many cases it all comes down to their environmental sustainability.

So in short when it comes to palm wax vs soy wax which is better? The choice of using palm wax candles or soy wax candles will be decided upon by the maker and ultimately the user of the candle. Both are great waxes to use in candles however the way the raw material is sourced may be a point of contention for the end user.

Quick explanation. The advantages and disadvantages become the basis for the user to purchase and use or not. This knowledge is good to know for the candle maker as it may help them choose the right candle for their customers. Its also good to note however, that these pros and cons don’t only work for candles but some of it also applies to other products such as soap and beauty products.

Most candle makers will have favors on palm wax due to soot free advantages over soy wax. However, the sustainability of palm wax is directly linked to deforestation issues. Then again on the other hand, experts suggest that soy wax candles are also a great candle option. Candle experts show that, although the sustainability of soy wax has an impact on the environment, it is a safe alternative to palm wax and other wax.

Palm and Soy Wax – Pros and Cons
Palm Wax – PROPalm Wax – CONSoy Wax – PROSoy Wax – CON
Environmentally friendlyCooling patternNatural IngredientsEnvironmentally friendly
Soot freeNature affectLong lastingAdditives
Visual featuresVisual features

What is palm wax?

Palm wax is a type of wax that can be found on the Carnauba palm leaves. The Carnauba palm plant can be found in the northeastern Brazilian states.

Palm wax is mostly known for its good melting point when used as candles. However, palm wax can also be used on other creations such as cosmetic supplies and soaps.

This wax is also known to be an environmentally friendly type of wax and does not have any Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO) ingredients.

Advantages of Palm wax

1 – Environmental-friendly

As mentioned above in this article, Palm wax is said to be friendly to the environment. This means that it doesn’t have materials or substances that can harm the environment when used. It melts cleanly and very efficient. Palm wax is non-GMO as compared to soy wax. This proves that palm wax is advantageous than soy wax in terms of environmental concerns.

2 – Soot free

In comparison to the other candle wax such as paraffin, palm wax doesn’t produce soot. These soot particles may cause discoloration on the walls and furniture. These are also harmful to the people exposed to these particles. Health experts say that these can push through the deepest parts of our lungs. Thus, it may trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma and other conditions. This is why Palm wax is very advantageous in terms of soot production.

3 – Beautiful features

Palm wax can be customized as a container, pillar, or votive type of candle because of its hard wax feature. Upon the cooling of the palm wax, it becomes a more unique look with a crystallization effect. It can also be produced with excellent patterns and finishes. Aside from its looks, it is said to give off scent longer and more. Professionals also say that this wax tends to give a brighter flame.

Disadvantages of palm wax

1 – Cooling pattern

Palm wax needs to be cooled down slowly to achieve that great crystallization look. If this is not slowly cooled, it will form breaks in the crystallization pattern. Thus, ruining the beautiful effect of palm wax crystallization patterns. It also needs a slower cooling pattern because of the risk of shrinkage. Shrinkage in the palm wax if it is cooled down at a faster rate.

2 – Effect on nature

With the use of palm wax, the deforestation issue has caused severe damages in Southeast Asian forests. This has posed a devastating impact on the forests. It was reported way back in the year 2007, that the sustainability of palm wax has caused major deforestation. Environment enthusiasts have projected that if this issue persists, most of the forests in the country will be devastated in the year 2022. This is why palm wax is disadvantageous in terms of sustainability and many discontinued the use it.

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a type of wax that is made from the processed form of soybean oil. According to experts, this wax has a lower melting capacity when used as a candle.

This wax can also be used on other products such as cosmetic supplies and soaps. Professionals also suggest that this wax is healthier than other wax because it contains no artificial ingredient. It has also been reasoned out that, because it melts slower, it lasts longer.

Advantages of soy wax

1 – Made from natural ingredient

Soy wax is extracted from a vegetable ingredient which is soybean. It is done by hydrogenating the soybean oil at high temperatures. This vegetable ingredient is renewable and can be sustained for more production.

2 – Soy wax is Long-lasting

Soy wax candles last long because it burns slowly. Candle experts say that if you trim the candle wick properly and use it for about 4-5 hours every use, soy wax candles may last for about 40-45 hours.

This duration or candle life would also depend on how big the candle is. On the other hand, this observational data is from a 6.75 oz soy wax candle. A suggestion from an article states that soy wax candles will last longer if it is refrigerated before using and cure for a longer time.

3 – Soy was has Beautiful features

Soy wax candles have nice flat matte color that is perfect during the fall season. It produces less soot and is considered cheaper than other wax candles. It gives off a subtle scent that is favorable to many users.

Disadvantages of soy wax

1 – Not exactly eco-friendly

The process of getting wax from soybeans involves the growing period. The farmers have a hard time dealing with sustainably growing it.

This will lead to the option of burning portions of the rain forest to have space for soy. This is why it has a negative impact on the environment.

On the other hand, the soy itself doesn’t have an environmental impact just the growing process.

2 – Additives

Soy wax alone can’t perform well in terms of color and fragrance. These additives are what boost its excellent looking color and better scent when burnt.

However, these additives may pose danger or harm to the exposed if phthalates are present. It is also because soy wax candles have an undesirable rancid smell that needs chemical treatment.

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