How to get rid of Back Acne?

How to get rid of Back Acne?

Saying I got rid of my back acne is not entirely true.

I was however, able to control it and reduce outbreaks.

From my experience I would say the best way to deal with back acne is to keep your back clean.

When your pores get clogged up with dirt and oil you get a pimple, its that simple.

Keep your skin clean by taking frequent showers and use a back scrubber or apparatus that can help you reach all areas.

My Skin Story – Living with Back Acne

I was in high school at the time of this incident.

Very athletic and in really good shape thinking on it now I had a body of an African god.

Not to bulky and not to slim but that nice weight of thickness and slimness to be aesthetically awesome.

Of course During this time I was active in track and field, played on the volleyball team and on the soccer team but mostly focused on track.

So I was in good shape. I remember an incident when my classmates decided to have a beach day.

Beach Day Embarrassment

I cant remember if it was the summer or if it was before or after school closed. All I remember was it was a nice warm day.

We arranged to go to the beach by Sandals on the cable beach strip.

It a nice beach, no trees but good sandy area to have fun and nice waters.

I remember my friends were all gun ho about hitting the beach on this particular day.

We all got along well but I wasn’t the most popular person in school but I wasn’t an outcast either. I pretty much got along with every clique there was. Kinda neutral.

Well I remember this day I wanted to show off my body to the girls cause I knew I was in tip top shape.

Folks used to call me ninja turtle because I had abs for days.

The girls at school didn’t know this so I wanted to flaunt it and rack up some brownie points.

I’m gona be a rock star

I remember walking down the road toward the beach area and taking off my shirt as I walked and feeling proud of myself cause, I’m gona be a rock star after today.

Short pants on, flip flops on my feet and off came the shirt.

If the song was out at the time the best way to describe this moment for me would be.

Girl look at this body, I work out. You know the song by that LMAO guy… I was poppin.

Then I head a voice.

Buey!! what happen to your back?

I’m like what? what happen? while brushing it off with my shirt.

Then guy said buey why your back so mark up and bumpy?

…. O.M.G

back acne

I could dead right there. In all my thoughts of being sexy I forgot I had severe back acne.

I mean severe to the point that I used to have those boils that you see people watch on youtube with someone popping a huge zit.

Yeah that kind of acne. It was bad.

I thought I was prepared

The thing is I remember scrubbing my back for a week with one of those back scrubbers hopping to reduce the amount of bumps on my back.

It did help but the scars of former zits were large and in charge.

I remember scrubbing my back for a week ”

‘Buey he back look all holie’.

What you is be sleeping on? The boys just joked with me that day.

It was the norm, when one person is being picked on everyone tend to jump in on the wagon.

What could I say. I had an ugly disfigured back on my young god lie body.

The killer however was when I heard the girls laughing.

Oh man How embarrassing.

I’m a teenager, at that time you know there was no coming back from that type of embarrassment.

I felt so bad that I sat on the sand watching everyone enjoy themselves on the beach only going as far as the getting my knees wet because I didn’t want to take my shirt off again of the fear of being teased.

It was horrible, so much so that I still feel that pain today.

Where am I Today?

As horrifying as that story is and that day was for me. I did bounce back over time.

The problem with acne is that most often you just have to wait it out while not causing any more harm.

I began to shower at any opportunity I got.

Bought back washers, scrubbers and other gadgets to make sure keep my skin clean.

I even went so far as to use baby powder to prevent my back from sweating too much.

All these things may have helped, I’m not sure but I do know that by my college days my scars had significantly reduced.

Was it the daily scrubbing? constantly ensuring my skin was dry? or was it just age and a changing skin?

I cant say for sure but I know that as time went on with better habits and better products I was able to reduce outbreaks.

There are still scars on my back from former pimples and every so often I get a minor out break but with some good old fashion washing. It clears up after a few days.

This is an ongoing issue for me. I doubt there is an actual cure beyond changing your skin.

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