Do Skincare Products make your skin worse?

There are many skincare products out on the market today.

If we look over time many have come out, became popular and then died out.

The problem with skincare products is that they are not always made for various skin types.

Using a skincare product that is not meant for your skin will definitely make your skin worse.

Many products focus on removing dirt from pores and keeping the skin dry.

This will not work especially on persons with normal to dry skin. It will only make matters worse.

My Skincare Story

My worse memory of having bad skin was in high school. It was bad, but not what you may think.

I was about 15 or 16 years old so in either 9th or 10th grade somewhere around there and man I had a bumpy face.

I had black heads, white heads and those ones that you can hardly see but were painful to the touch. They were the worse.

To make matters even more worse I used to spend hours in the mirror popping pimples because the unevenness of my skin with all the bumps was not a pretty sight to behold.

I though well if I get the puss out, the skin would not be as bumpy, so it would not draw as much attention.

Wishful thinking I guess.

Around that age image becomes everything because you’re still really trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in.

So you want to look your best, or as good as you can.

I was desperate for some relief.

I became a skin care junkie but unfortunately I could not afford it so I used what ever was in the house at the time.

I took my sister skin cleaning products and used them in secret.

I was desperate for some relief.

I remember I even had one of those red spongy things that girls used to wipe the oil from their face.

It was super absorbent and it did help my skin from looking and being extra oily all day.

My first Product

One day I had a few dollars and I went to the old Super Saver. A store that had long closed down but back then it was the ‘it’ store.

I was perusing the skincare aisle and I spotted a product that I saw on TV. Without calling its name it was a very popular company with the name clear in it.

Lol. Anyway the advertising must have worked on me so I bought this skin cleansing and drying thing.

I was so excited

It was a jar with cotton round pads soaked in some sort of liquid that you were supposed to clean your face with.

I remember I was so excited because now I was going to reduce the acne on my face. Hooray!!

I started using the product on a Friday night and I used it three times a day over the weekend so by Saturday night it would have been my 4th application of this cotton pad in liquid solution.

Boy it sure cleaned the dirt off my skin really good.

I mean the pad was brown as if I was removing makeup from my skin. Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated but it was cleaning a good much dirt, or so I thought.

So by Sunday I was excited because this product was working it was keeping my skin dry and free from oil.

It was cleaning all the dirt out of my pores or at least that what the product information said.


Something went wrong.

I still don’t know what happened to this day but my skin just shriveled up like old leather in the hot sun and it felt like sisal. Yeah it was that bad.

I looked like leather face.

Seriously it just looked mashed up and rough to the feel. O.M.G what did I just do to myself.

Here I am thinking I’m about to get clear skin for the first time in my life and next thing I know I look like a young old guy. What am I going to do?

At first it looked as if the skin was just over dried so I dunked my head in water hoping to get it hydrated and to normalized. That did nothing.

Then I tried adding lotion as moisturizer to sort it out and that did nothing. I even remember using petroleum jelly on my skin hoping to get it to revert back. Nothing worked.

My mum was hysterical at first then when I explained she gave me that motherly, that’s good for you for messing with your skin talk. Accept who you are etc etc…

Sigh. No help, no help at all.

Anyway Monday rolls around and I’m trying to find reason not to go to school but mum wasn’t having it.

You make up your bed so you gon lay in it.. Again no help.

I went to school and just anticipated my classmates laughing at me.

So I decided that if I stay away from everyone and hide as much as I can I may be able to get pass this.

It was a good plan and it worked all the way up to after lunch. We were in a class and I felt comfortable because the class was not very well lit so I dropped my guard of hiding with my head on the desk.

What happen to your face!

Buey what happen to your face!!!

Oh crap!

I was found out. It only takes a spark to get a fire going in high school.

Next thing I know I have a small crowd around me all looking at my face asking me questions.

what you eat?

something on the desk ey?

No this place has asbestos.

All sorts of questions and statements went flying. Finally the teacher got involved as I remember she was looking at me with that.

OMG is this contagious look.

Finally I had to let everyone know because I was being escorted out the classroom to the office.

I told them no no its nothing in the school, and of course I couldn’t tell them the truth so I lied.

OMG is this contagious?

My brother rubbed something on my face when I was sleeping and it messed up my face.

I already saw the doctor and he said it will normalize in a few days. It was the most far out lie I had ever made but because I wasn’t the type to lie they all bought it.

Phew kinda safe for now…

It was a brutal few days mainly because I played sports in school so yeah I had to tell that lie to every one for a week.

It was embarrassing the whole time especially during the initial… Are you OK? what happened to your face?

It took a full week before my face normalized but you know what? I didn’t have one break out of bumps during that time and the week after.

The second week my skin had its revenge on me and I was back to square one.

This is my skin story.

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